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5 simple ways to increase sales on Instagram

5 simple ways to increase sales on Instagram for healthcare digital marketers. No one, in this age of technology, is surprised when a relative newcomer overtakes an already established brand. If you compare Instagram to Facebook, the latter has over 1.13 billion monthly active users, while Instagram has about 500 million. Despite this, Instagram is leading Facebook on both content sharing and engagement. 83% of Instagrammers discover new products on the platform. About 87% of them act based on an Instagram post, according to a recent survey, thus making it quite obvious that Instagram has become a powerful tool for businesses trying to increase sales.

5 ways to increase sales on Instagram

You would now have to encourage your followers to become customers, too, to increase sales on Instagram. Here is a list of 5 ideas to get you started on how to increase sales on Instagram:

1) Transforming your Instagram profile into a storefront:

Building a creative profile geared towards capturing a shopper’s attention is the first step in turning your Instagram followers into customers. Include a clear call-to-action and welcome customers to your store, on your Instagram bio. To help shoppers contact you if they need something, add a phone number and your email address. Share incentives such as ‘Free Shipping’ every once in a while to lure customers. Create highlight albums to feature your new products, offers, and more, if you post regularly on Instagram. Make sure that your highlights albums are simple and have engaging covers. Use your posts and stories in the same way that a brick-and-mortar store uses its shop windows; to share special offers, show off your products, and so on.

2) Brand your Instagram posts and profile for easy recognition and build an audience:

You should have a consistent brand message to stand out from the crowd. An essential part of your Instagram presence is branding your profile. You will have to look for leads to generate sales, and Instagram is a platform that makes the lead generation process easier. There are millions of users. You just have to get their attention using a few tried and tested methods like collaborating with the right influencers, using paid promotion to help gain traction, and publishing genuine content. Instagram’s algorithm notices you and pushes your content upon a user’s feed once you start building an engaging follower base.

3) Use compelling hashtags and images that represent your brand:

Hashtags help amplify your message to a larger audience and act as crowd-unifiers and, eventually, increase sales on Instagram. Make a list of hashtags that represent your brand and research them to gauge their Instagram popularity. Pick combined or long-tail hashtags that aren’t saturated, since they appeal to a smaller, more targeted audience. Also, select branded hashtags, in addition to finding the right hashtags, because branded hashtags drive your posts and build company recognition and awareness. These hashtags should gain momentum as users start recognizing your products. The second piece of advice would be to post quality content with high-quality images, especially since Instagram is an image-based platform. A page with aesthetics, unique, and carefully curated content should ideally promote the products it wishes to highlight, making it better to use trending hashtags related to the specific industry.

4) Develop a unique brand voice:

Connect with your followers on a human level and develop a personal voice for your brand. Make your brand more approachable and personable, like a sales professional at a store, using emojis in your captions. Have your consumers visualize themselves using your products by sharing videos of people using them in this way. You will have motivated buyers and a greater chance of making a sale. Videos and GIFs work on all social media platforms. Upload Instagram stories to add more personality to your content.

5) Announce the launch of new products:

Social listening helps you develop your product further and gather new insights. People love variety and access to new choices, and one way to capitalize on this is to spark some interest in your followers when you have an improved product to launch. Create some curiosity and buzz around your new product before you launch it. To create hype and boost e-commerce sales, many fashion brands often post snippets from their new collections. This pushes the content to drive more organic sales and reach and brings up the engagement rate, enhancing your marketing strategy.

To drive up your marketing on Instagram, it is essential to post regularly and make the best use of relevant and trending hashtags to increase engagement and to reach out to a wider audience. Follow, Compendious Med Works' list of 5 simple ways to increase sales on Instagram to develop a unique brand voice that drives up brand recognition, and build an audience!