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Everything you need to know about SEO meta tags in html?

Everything you need to know about SEO meta tags in HTML is listed here:

What are meta tags?

Meta tags are the reason why you can get ranks and viewership because they collect metadata which is being read by the search engines as well as web crawlers.

Meta title

A unique and accurate title that describes the particular uniqueness of your blog article should be included added along with the target word. It should be click-worthy which will increase the rank and viewership of your blog. It is also necessary that it is precise and is written in sentence case. Moreover, it should not be misleading and should match the search intent.

Meta viewport

Don't you want to make your site a mobile-friendly site? For that, you will require the knowledge of the meta viewport tag. It is used to set up the area that is visible and it gives instructions to the browser about the various sizes of electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets, and desktop. Try to make the use of a meta viewport tag for all your pages in the standard tag. You can always use Mobile Usability which is a part of Google Search Console to check for issues in meta viewport.

Meta charset

Meta charset instructs the browser regarding the display of the webpage. It is done through the encoding for the characters out of which the most common ones are UTF-8 and ISO-8859-1. If these characters are not encoded properly, it can lead to a high bounce rate and no comprehension of your content by the search engines.

Meta refresh redirect

You need to use it only if it is required. If there is a redirect required in your page, it will help the browser to redirect your page to a different URL for the user. But since it is not supported by numerous browsers, confuses the user and due to security reasons, it is rational to not use it until and unless it is very much required.

Meta description

What is the factor that will decide that your blog will be read by the visitors? Indeed it is an SEO meta description. The addition of meta tags in the description helps them gain interest in the topic and allows them to gauge the relevance of your content for what they are looking for. You need to summarize it well and put the efforts in the inclusion of meta description each for your every page.

Meta robots

Your page will be crawled only if these robots wish to. They are very important if you want to change the commands of the index and follow. So this way, there are 4 commands of following, no-follow, index, and no-index. If you want no index, you can use the meat robots to make the necessary changes. This is how you can control what the search bots should do to your page.

Other than this, there are a lot of other meta tags such as canonical meta tags, Hreflangs meta tags, open graph tags, and content type meta tags. You should use them according to your content type and whether you want your page to be indexed or not. You need to let go of those which are not important and add only which are important for your better SEO strategies.

Which are the SEO meta tags examples that are to be used for the specific browser only?

This kind of meta tag includes social meta tags, specific bots meta tags, language meta tags, Geo meta tags, keywords meta tags, and site verification meta tags. But you can always skip them if you can do it without their use.

Can they be bad too?

Just like in the case of the keywords, it is the same for the meta tags too. You should not load your page with a lot of meta tags. These include author which is used to name the author to the web author. Another one is revisiting after which is utilized for commanding the robots to come back to a particular page after some time. It is of no use as no search engine follows it.

Using a rating meta tag is inviting trouble for yourself. It is because when you use it to rate the age-restricted content, Google will be able to trace it effortlessly which will direct you to further problems. You can also delete the expiration and date meta tag as you have the option of directly deleting the page itself which expires. So there is no need to command the browser by notifying it through the expiration meta tag which denotes that a particular page is going to expire. The date meta tag is utilized to indicate the date when it was made.

Other meta tags to be deducted from your page are copyright meta tags as it is already mentioned in the page format. So there is no point in mentioning two times. Abstract and the generator meta tag is also not of any use as the abstract meta tag is for the educational purposes while the generator meta tag is for providing the information about who created the content.

The distribution meta tag is for controlling the access of the page. But all your content will be available globally so it is better to keep it open. As the HTTP header does the function of the cache-control which is to control the time and the process of caching of your page. In addition to it, the resource type meta tag is useless as the DTD declaration already takes up the function of it which is to save the type of the resource.

In this way, this is everything you need to know about SEO meta tags. If used correctly, they have the potential to provide your website with high SERP ratings and high click-through rates. Don’t you want to use SEO meta tags 2020 for better engagement and traffic? Improve your use through HTML SEO meta tags generator, and make your website shine on the digital ecosystem!