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How to write Image Alt text for SEO and why it matters?

How to write Image Alt text for SEO and why it matters is the raging question from the point of view of SEO. Images are equally important just like the content of your blog is. Though it might seem like a lot of extra efforts in looking for Image SEO and Image optimization you will truly see the results. You will be highly motivated to learn as to how to write Image Alt Text for SEO when you know its importance. So let us first know about its importance.

Why does it matter?

The speediest way to rank higher in the search history is not through the best content development but through the addition of the image Alt text. There have been times when the images have made quicker and better sense than the content itself. It is why the Image Alt text becomes important. This is because it assists the search engines to understand the images. The search engines can only understand the content and not the images in themselves.

Have you thought how boring it will be for the visually impaired users to just listen to the redundant file names? If you add the image Alt text, search engines will be able to show it to your visitors when they look for a particular topic. Improvement in the understanding of the visitors is likely to improve the user’s experience. Along with the description of the image, it also provides you with the function of the image. There can be various functions such as sign up or search or apply now that you might want to give to your latest healthcare webinar.

When you are not adding image alt text, the visually impaired children won't be able to get the knowledge provided through the image. It will read to them if you include them. This way, you are considering the needs of a set of populations form the entire population. In case there is some problem with the loading of image, image alt text will keep the visitors tuned by its attractive description which will make the users wait or try again to load the image.

How to make images SEO friendly? Moreover, it will also improve the relevance of the topic. Other than all these benefits, it will assist you to rank highly in Google images. The Google images are the second largest among all the search engines of the world and hence it can cause a lot of traffic on your website. Alt text for images will be very much functional to be the anchor text for the links of the images.

Various kinds of images that you can add

This enhances the comprehension of the Image Alt text is a great source of traffic. Hence it is better to appeal to your visitors who love learning and knowing through images. But what would you do if there are no images available for a particular topic? You should not miss out on the opportunity to get organic traffic due to the addition of images. You should hire a graphic designer who can be able to create images for which there are no images available. If no graphics are helpful, it is always advisable to use screenshots for their easy comprehension of your visitors.

You can always enhance your images by hyperlinking them which will increase your viewership of other written content through internal linking and lead to a high conversion rate due to external linking.

How to write Image Alt text for SEO and why it matters?

You can effortlessly create the Image Alt text through the use of content management systems. You just have to click on the image that is in your content and there are the options to change as well as create image Alt text. When you do so, the image alt text will be written in the HTML source code automatically on the web page. Your image alt text should be specified to the image and should describe it.

Alt text for images best practices

Your alt text should not be stuffed with keywords. You need to add only those keywords which are important for Google and not for the publisher. If possible, it is better to only use your target keyword. And you should not add a keyword in the alt text of all the images. This prioritization is going to help you gain a lot of organic traffic. Adding specific details of the image such as the name of the person or place will be a good image alt text rather than a general image alt text. Moreover, you need to frame your image alt text in a way that will attract the visitors of your field.

In addition to these qualities, your alt text should be concise with less than 125 characters as the longer alt texts are not read entirely by the search engines. For the same reason, you should not waste your characters by starting the image alt text with an "image of…. "Or "picture of…". Due to it, the HTML code detects it faster and shows it on the top search results.

Have you ever wondered when should an image have a null alt text? There may be no text at all that can be added in an image. It is only for pure decoration, as they say, it in WCAG language. This means that there is no image description or function but it is only for making your web page look aesthetic. It is better to not leave it untagged. That is when the null image alt text will be required. Entirely omitting the alt text will not make it accessible. This is about how to write seo-friendly alt-text for your images.

It is never too late to use SEO audit tools and analyze the untagged images to prosper through the traffic earned through image alt text. This is how to write image alt text for SEO and why it matters. Be ready to get ahead of others in SEO strategies through image optimization!