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The ultimate Guide to Technical SEO

The ultimate Guide to Technical SEO can help you rank higher in SERPs, gain visibility, and increase conversions. All these years of implementing SEO techniques would have made you realize the importance of technical SEO. So let us get straight to the SEO strategies for 2020 of it.

1. Fundamentals of Audit

There are important things to be kept in places such as auditing of the domain, implementation of SSL, and Optimization of Page Speed. The auditing of a domain includes the redirecting of all the versions of your site such as www, Http, and index.html to the main version. What will happen due to the failure to do so? Your SEO values such as traffic and ranks will be dispersed leading to the less progress of your website. You can let Google know as to which version you want to keep as your main version through canonical tags. When you do so, the search engine will lead all the visitors to that URL which will increase your progress. 

The purpose of the implementation of SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is to make your site secure through the formation of a layer between a browser and a web server. Your secured site will ensure the prevention of hacking and the safety of the users' information. How do you know whether your site is secured or not? Well, you will see a lock symbol and an https:// rather than just HTTP. It is essential since it affects your ranking. Though the process is lengthy, it is worth the efforts. You need to make all your pages secured and add canonical tags. Further, you are required to update the URLs and tracking their development through tools to ensure high traffic. You can increase the page speed by compressing the files, trimming down your code, usage of CDN, latest plug-in versions, and asynchronous loading. It will enhance the rank and user experience.

2. Crawlability Checklist

The search bots can crawl on your site to gather the information that will direct to showing the information on the search engine. Thus, it becomes very vital that the search bots are not blocked and your web pages have easy accessibility. You can make sure that your pages are being crawled by the creation of an XML sitemap, prioritize pages to be crawled, organization of your web pages, optimization of URL, use robot.txt for those you want to be crawled, and use no index robot meta tags for those you don't want to be crawled. Using breadcrumbs for easy navigation and pagination for accessible crawlability of multiple pages will benefit you a lot. Keeping an eye on Compendious Med Works' SEO log file will make it simpler for delineating your crawl budget.

3. Indexability Checklist

Another factor on the list of complete guide to technical SEO that helps increase your rank is by letting your pages be indexed. It can be done so through letting the search bots index your pages, removal of duplicate content, auditing your redirects, checking how responsive your website is in mobile, and by fixing of HTTP errors as they block the search bots. You can use canonical tags to make sure that only selected pages are being indexed. This will also avoid the confusion that your visitors are likely to face. You can always take the assistance of Google Search Console and Google's robots.txt tester.

4. Renderability Checklist

How would you ensure the accessibility of your site? Well, you do so through the easy rendering of your website, using ways such as better server performance, HTTP status, which will prevent HTTP errors and hence enhance the accessibility. More load time and high page size will lead to a server error and hence will lead to blocking of server bots therefore it is significant to reduce the size and time. Since Google has difficulty in process of JavaScript, you need to render it through the Google guidelines. Not interlinking your pages will make them orphan pages which will make it difficult to index them. Keeping the depth of your pages to three clicks deep will direct to better accessibility. It is essential to make the redirect chains to make the site more accessible by a reduction in the page load time.

5. Rankability Checklist

Increase your rank by internal and external links, content clusters which will give a broader context to the search engines. Linking aids to a great extent to increase your ranking, indexing, and crawling. You can also promote yourself easily through the use of content clusters. You don't want a low rank so don't use low-quality backlinks. You can get high-quality links through providing quality content that will be helpful to the other sites and by giving relevant publications to your users.

6. Clickability Checklist

The more answers you can provide to your users through your website, the more they are likely to click on them. Publishing a presentable and structured data through proper use of schemas will increase the user experience through clear information. Moreover, search bots will easily index and rank your pages due to the organized setting of the page. For winning the SERP features, you need to earn rich results by writing the best quality content and addition of multimedia and other reviews, events, products, and links.


Through the use of the featured snippets, your visitors are more likely to click in order to gain answers to their questions. But you need to frame a catchy title and description for it. Through the use of Google Discover, you will be able to understand the preferences of the users. When you provide them with that content, the possibility of achieving a high click rate is increased. It will also assist you in the clustering of the topic.

Thus, this is an ultimate guide to Technical SEO. The first step to its implementation is an open mind and changes attitude towards technical SEO. You need to believe that you can do it and this will change everything.