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Top 10 keyword research tools to find the right keywords

Top 10 keyword research tools to find the right keywords for healthcare marketers. Digital marketing is the most effective form of advertisement, which is furthermore flourished by SEO strategies. Uploading content to do content marketing without SEO will be ineffective. Now that we know about the importance of SEO let us now go further towards the top 10 keyword research tools to find the right keywords.

10 keyword research tools to find the right keywords for SEO

Let us first begin with the free keyword research tools.

1) Keyword

If you are the one like me who is tired of making accounts on several apps, then Keyword is most apt for you! The order of the keywords will be alphabetical, which will save a lot of your time by enabling you to go directly to the word you are looking for, starting from a particular letter. More of your time can be saved by the filter option available. To export the keywords directly to your content, you can upgrade it to Keyword Tool Pro. This version will also give you information regarding the search volume.

2) Google Keyword Planner:

The best advantage of this keyword planner is that you can add your website address to it. When you do that, the keywords related to your website will be easily accessible to you. The metrics available will also give you knowledge of the most effective keyword to be used. You will also come to know about the bids of others through Google Keyword Planner.

3) Google trends:

Have you been tired of adding keywords one by one? Now, you have found the solution! Its amazing feature allows you to add numerous keywords simultaneously. In contrast to redundant metrics shown by the best keyword research tools, it induces better comprehension by the usage of graphical representations. They are downloadable and hence can be kept safe for future use. The availability of features of comparison will allow you to choose out of two similar-looking keywords. It will also show how popular both of them are. Indeed, you are choosing the most effective keyword of all!

Moving onto the paid keyword research tools, let’s explore its benefits over the free ones.

4) Term Explorer:

Term Explorer has four types, namely free, Basic, Pro, and Agency. Investing your money in it is worth as you can get 10,000 versions of a keyword! It also gives you a trust score, keyword difficulty, and link strength. It has all the options available to portray the realistic picture of you and your competitor by providing you with page ranking. You will be efficiently able to improvise your content by adding keywords in the title. It is always wise to choose the best version according to your work demands.

5) Moz Keyword Difficulty Tool:

Its four kinds include premium, medium, large, and standard. The best characteristic of this tool is giving the top 10 ranks to a keyword. The competitive keyword analysis helps you see how else is also ranking for the same keyword. The search results will also be indicated for every keyword. It would further enable you to research keywords in depth.

6) SEMrush:

The most engaging characteristic of this keyword research tool is the detailed attention towards victory in the competition with your competitor. The features involve comparing the domains and position tracking, which enhances your success in the competition. The position tracking will give you a detailed idea about their strengths and weaknesses making your efforts towards success more effective. You can pay for Pro, Guru, or Business according to your preferences. Further, SEMrush also enables you to get the top 5 keywords and the whole list of it.

7) Ahrefs:

It provides you with an opportunity to make your content effective on an international level by providing around 5.1 billion keywords for over 200 countries. Ahrefs goes a step ahead of SEMrush in case of competition as it also helps in tracking competitors’ keywords. Their mails will keep you updated about the competitor’s progress. It paints a realistic picture of the number of backlinks needed to be the first page on Google.

8) Accuranker:

If you are tired of spending hours on delineating your success by SEO tools, Accuranker can be a great answer to your prayers! It offers you the required results at the quickest speed. The high precision will let your decision making faster as well. It eases the tasks of an employee by giving timely reports. It goes a step beyond Ahrefs by providing the page ranking in the different countries. Its collaborations with other applications will make your work moreover simple.

9) Hubspot:

It goes a step beyond all the apps by giving you trending topics, subtopics, including keywords. It can help you a long way as you sell or provide what they like to buy or read. Hence, it enables you to do smart work leading to more readers or buyers than hard work, further helping you manage work-life balance.

10) Serpstat:

This keyword research tool aids you to make your content attractive to the browsers. You can also learn from your competitors as to what is working well for them. Serpstat also enables customization according to the database of various countries. Further, it will also assure your high ranking on SERPs.

Apart from these top 10 tools, other keyword research tools include Jaaxy, SECockpit, Keywords Everywhere, Keyword Snatcher, KWFinder, QuestionDB, and Soolve. Every keyword research tool has a set of pros, cons, and specialized and unique features. It is upon your rationality and wisdom to choose the one which suits you and your business most aptly.

Several other keyword research tools are not very reliable, and they give results that are not even keywords. It can lead to loss of your efforts, time, money, and energy. Hence, at Compendious Med Works, we always use the best SEO keyword tools mentioned above for our healthcare digital marketing strategies to prevent falling into such traps.