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Top 20 SEO myths you should forget in 2020

Top 20 SEO myths you should forget in 2020 for digital marketers. Everyone in today's world uses Search Engine Optimization to flourish digital marketing and content marketing. However, there might be numerous myths that a healthcare marketer believes, and these misconceptions might be an obstacle to your success. So it becomes essential to debunk them by first acknowledging their existence.

20 SEO myths to leave behind in 2020

Following is a list of most common top 20 SEO myths all healthcare marketers should leave behind in 2020:

1) You need to be effortful in SEO only once:

It requires constant updates and alterations according to the necessities of consumers. It will prove to be magic only by your consistency and dedication.

2) SEO doesn't exist after some time:

There is no demise of SEO, but it only keeps altering and upgrading. There are numerous novel changes in the top 20 SEO tips, strategies, and improvements.

3) Higher the rank, more success:

Do you think that once you have achieved the top ranking, you are successful? Success in SEO requires several other things, including quality, evergreen content, traffic of consumers, and revenue generation, among other numerous aspects and not just the top ranking.

4) More the content, the higher the rank:

If a humongous blog doesn't make any sense to the reader, how will it be on a higher rank? You need to consider other characteristics of the content apart from its lengths, such as building a connection with the reader, relevance, quality, comprehensibility, and transparency. This is one of the most common SEO myths 2020.

5) SEO doesn't cost much:

Various applications allow free trials; however, their life is short-lived. It requires a lot of investment in SEO strategies on your part for a quality website and content.

6) Social media activity does not influence SEO:

The collective number of likes has an indirect effect on SEO. The number of shares will contribute to the traffic and ranking of your website. It possesses the functionality equals to the backlinks too.

7) Keyword research is not required or required only once:

Keyword research is a very essential and unavoidable step; however, the usage of keywords needs to be done in moderation. Keyword stuffing can lead to penalties and decreased content quality. Keyword research tools are the most essential top 20 SEO tools.

8) The same Match of Anchor text is needed:

This is not the case anymore that the same keyword, which is anchor text, was added to improve the ranking. The Penguin update of Google has interpreted it as a redundant technique, and it is necessary to use different matches of anchor text.

9) Good content will be ranked automatically:

Writing good content is a significant part of SEO services; however, it doesn't sum up everything. The good content needs to be bolstered by an efficient SEO strategy too. It also requires to be made accessible to the crawlers, which will increase the traffic.

10) More content is required on the homepage:

Precise and concise content will make your services more comprehensible rather than a lot of content on your website's homepage. It will further make their understanding quicker without any confusion.

11) Writing the content from the guest writers is redundant:

If you are still focused on what the Google team head said, you need to know the later updates too, where he said that guest blogging is not redundant. There is also no major difference between guest blogging and other kinds of blogging.

12) Links are not required:

They are very much required. Adding high-quality links relevant to your content can help greatly in the ranking, network building, adding meaningfulness, and worth to the website. However, low-quality links can lead to an invitation to penalties from Google.

13) Greater the number of links, the lesser the length of content:

If you are still stuck on the old technique of adding more links to get a better rank and having lesser quality content, it is high time to change your healthcare digital marketing strategy. In current times, the importance of the content has increased rather than that of the links.

14) Building links by paying will be much easier:

The impact of this alluring deal of getting links readymade is very short-lived. Such auto-generated links will harm your website. Moreover, it hardly makes any difference in your ranking.

15) There is no requirement for optimizing the images:

Visual media makes your content more appealing. However, it is necessary to add the appropriate file name, image location, and image alt text. Adding captions and explanatory titles will be enhancing the optimization of images.

16) Optimization for content on mobile is unnecessary:

Can you afford to ignore 57% of mobile users? Increasing the feasibility of mobile due to technological progress makes it very significant to make your content and website mobile-friendly.

17) The structure data is challenging to implement :

The complicated nature of the structure data makes it difficult for laymen to make it implementable. But it is required to understand its importance, and the learning can make everything easier to implement.

18) On-page time and bounce rate are not important:

Gathering a lot of traffic on the website page is not enough. The number of seconds they are on your website, i.e., on-page time portrays your content engagement and interest in it. While the bounce rate, i.e., when they leave your page in 20 seconds, indicates the requirement of improvement in several aspects of your website.

19) All of the updates of the Algorithm are important:

It is highly probable that some of the algorithm updates are irrelevant or unnecessary for your site. It is always better to gauge the relevance and importance of the update to avoid waste of your time and energy.

20) Secured website is not essential for SEO:

Do you want the hackers and spammers to damage your website? Google also mentioned about the better ranking to the secured site as compared to the unsecured site. Surveys also show the preference of the people to surf on a secured website. This concludes Compendious Med Works' list of the top 20 SEO myths you should forget in 2020.

Hence, these are some SEO myths and facts that you should know about. These top 20 SEO mistakes can hinder your progress, and therefore you need to leave them behind in 2020. Are you not yet geared up for the improvement?