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Why is it important to support an online presence and personal brand?

Why is it important to support an online presence and personal brand? The cornerstone of inbound marketing success is Search Engine Optimization. One might not get any traffic from the search engines if you cannot make your profile visible on the first page of the relevant keyword searches. The largest area of opportunity for inbound marketers is Google, the most widely used search engine on this planet. It shall not take you a long period of time to get there and outrank your competitors if you can implement the best SEO practices. It helps in realizing the wearable devices' healthcare data. The following is a list of advantages of being at the top of Google's Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs):

  1. Expanded opportunities for your business: When someone searches for any specific term, Google shows ten results on the first page. These results are determined by a number of factors such as website speed, bounce rate, backlinks, and a host of other factors. It can be a perfect opportunity for you and your business if you can reach the pinnacle of the first page of Google results. Whether you can make your business reach among the top 10 or not, and subsequently, whether or not you can keep it there, decides your search engine optimization success. This is the most wearable technology in the healthcare sector.

  2. Top position; more traffic: Bing, one of the top search engines after Google, reports that the top gets 42% of the traffic; the second gets 11% and the third only 8%, clearly indicating why your profile needs to be the top. You gain more trust and authenticity, which are obvious elements for more leads and traffic if your website becomes visible on the top. This is applicable to all other search engines, including Google. This is the latest technology in healthcare in 2020.

  3. Boosts business authenticity: An increase in Search Engine Results Page (SERP) rankings also increases the degree to which your viewers see your business as authentic, in addition to boosting your business's ability to generate traffic and leads. According to a data survey, web visitors are inclined to believe that the most authentic businesses in their industry are the first few websites at the top of the SERPs. If you have enormous competitors, being on top may be quite difficult. Better ranking shall surely increase the authenticity of your businesses, irrespective of whether yours is a large business or a small local one.

  4. Create a business image: It may not always be easy to rank on top within a short time as the internet is a competitive market for every inbound marketer. Better Search Engine Results Page ranking means a better image in the potential clients' eyes. Success runs towards you once you get a better ranking position. You will feel the pressure to make your business rank among the top ten web results in order to give your business a respectable image among the customers and the competitors.

  5. It’s better at the top: Experts opine that your business will become ten times better than that of your competitor's if you can rank on the top. The website that ranks in a top listing gets 10 times more traffic than on page seven. It also includes wearable devices and healthcare data sharing and privacy policies.

  6. Reduced costs: Inbound marketing costs are low to generate on a per leads basis because most of the leads that inbound marketers generate are directly from search engines. So the potential of your business is directly proportional to its SERP. Your advertising costs can be effectively reduced by top SERP positions and significantly impact your social media marketing. The only flaw with Search Engine Marketing is that you may not be able to immediately get all the results.

If you have a handful of competitors, you may have to wait for a significant amount of time. However, your small business success can be mainly derived from search engines, comparing to other businesses like giant corporations. This is why it is important to support an online presence and personal brand.