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10 ways to increase the number of visitors to your healthcare website

10 ways to increase the number of visitors to your healthcare website. Digital marketing for doctors? Sounds odd? With the tremendous growth in internet users, digital marketing is now necessary for each and every sector. There are many online marketing strategies for doctors that can be planned. As the healthcare industry is growing every other day, it has become necessary to let people know about it. Internet marketing for doctors certainly holds a lot of importance. But it can be a daunting task at times

Marketing doctor skills in such a way that the patients should find it trustworthy enough to visit. The number is less. There are several doctors out there, but the patients do not even know. So to make yourself identifiable, an online presence is necessary. Here are 10 ways to increase the number of visitors to your healthcare website.

1. Easy-to-navigate website

If you are planning to have an online presence, the first step is to have a website. So yes, build a website and make it so easy to navigate that whatever the patient is looking for, they can quickly find it. May it be a booking for an appointment or reading a blog, or knowing about various medical conditions. Keep it accessible. A live chat shall help you increase your traffic. Provide the address of the clinic so that the patient will be able to find it easily. This shall also help to increase the number of visits.

2. E-mail marketing

Patients are always in need of opinions and information. And email marketing is the easiest tool to keep them informed. Planning email newsletters at least twice a week shall yield good results for the physician. It is also an eye-catching idea to personalize the emails based on the interest of the patients. Always plan the email marketing campaigns ahead of time.

3. Power of Facebook

Social media is the primary marketing tool to promote any brand. Facebook makes it easy for doctors to share information with patients. All the clinic updates can be shared via Facebook. So if you are a doctor, you have already won the half war of digital marketing.

4. Make your own videos

Doctors are always busy because of their dedication to their work schedules. But to have a good reputation and a face value in the market, they have to use such tactics. Create videos that are engaging and informative. Audiences today are turning towards visual content.

5. Encourage patient reviews

Patient feedback matters. It helps in building a trust foundation among the patients. It is a usual convention to ask about a particular doctor before visiting them. If, as a doctor, you can create reviews from your patients and put it on your website, then the prospective patients will be able to read and make their decisions. Live video recordings of the reviews can create a powerful impact on the viewers. In case your patients are ready to face the camera and share their experience, you just have to shoot the video, put it on your website or YouTube, or any social media channel. This is how to increase website traffic organically.

6. Pay-Per-Click Ads

Being a doctor, you can trust heavily in Google's pay-per-click advertisements. It allows you to display ads only to those who are using the keywords that you have targeted. This enables you to avoid the general public and target the appropriate audience. Ensure to use the keywords that your patients will use while surfing.

7. Write blogs regularly

This acts as a link between you and your patients. Writing blogs and articles on a regular basis can help in increasing the number of patients. Create content that attracts your viewers. Writing blogs is not about writing anything and everything; write about the recent updates in your area of expertise. This is another way on how to increase the number of visitors to your website.

8. Local SEO and personal branding

It is vital to have a strong local SEO as the people in your vicinity will be searching for your clinic. Ensure that you have a Google My Business Page, which has all the information right from address, contact number, etc., along with the reviews. If you are working for a hospital or organization, then never forget to do the personal branding as people look for the doctor. This is how to increase website traffic through google.

9. Directory listings

It is necessary to have yourself listed in all the local directories. Along with it, you should also be listed with medical directories like Practo, Health Grades,, to name a few. This will help in building a good presence and will help your viewers reach you.

10. Event coverage

Doctors attend a lot of conferences, but this is known only in the medical fraternity. Thus, as a doctor, it is your responsibility to let people know where and when you are attending a conference. Therefore, provide proper coverage of the event or the conference through Facebook updates or blogs.

You can also make use of Facebook Live or Instagram Live to build trust and reputation. Let your audience know that you are updated with the latest technologies. A strong digital marketing strategy for a doctor is well defined when all the above factors come in proper conjuncture. Marketing a hospital or a medical institution is different, and branding a doctor is different. So the strategies also differ here. Therefore, if executed properly, your medical practice will catch the attention of the audience with all the above pointers, and you shall start receiving good leads.

In today's time, digital marketing for doctors has become a must. Doctors are always in a hurry, so hire a good digital marketing agency. These agencies are good at creating online marketing strategies for doctors.