Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) mainly refer to all that one could find in the paper chart, including diagnoses, medical history, allergies, and immunizations. We here at CMW integrate HIE functionalities to ensure proper streamlining between the professionals of the healthcare sector and the patients.

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) are digital records of health information. These records are detailed records that contain more than what lies on the paper charts. These include vital signs, medications, diagnoses, progress notes, allergies, lab data, and imaging reports. These also contain relevant information regarding insurance information, data from wellness devices, and demographic data.

We at CMW, make use of the finest EHR and EMR software to automate the best clinical workflows and manage medical records. We help you with:

  • Creating appealing and customizable templates for taking notes during encounters with patients.
  • Generation of reports on practising efficiency as well as compliance with various government programs
  • Effective communication with staff and patients.
  • Ensure patient care remotely through telemedicine sessions and prescription of medications electronically.
  • Syncing of information and other relevant data with practice management as well as billing systems.

Digital patient-record (EHRs) systems will comprise information management tools that help provide better care by efficiently organizing and reacting to data. EHR software will also offer clinical reminder alerts, analyze aggregate data for research and care management, and connect experts for health care decision support.

Our services ensure that the EHR system is extremely interactive and thus will help you prompt the user for additional information. This shall not only help in collecting more data but also enhance their completeness or entirety.

EHRs are undoubtedly the future of healthcare as they provide critical data that informs clinical decisions that help coordinate care between all providers in the healthcare ecosystem.

EHR systems focus on the complete health and well-being of the patient. EHR software is solely designed to reach out beyond the health organization that initially collects and compiles the information.

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