In clinical medicine, the environment is extremely stressful more often than not, which extends to affect doctors' working pace and conditions. Moreover, as academic and research-writing complexities increase, it becomes more challenging to juggle the personal, work, and academic life.

We are a team of medical doctors/ physicians, biostatisticians, data analysts, and some of the best writers in the world who will provide quality writing services that buy you time to nurture your academics or medical practice and provide you with professional assistance stress-free academic life and better academic performance. Be it writers' block, plagiarism issues, coursework, research work, Lack of interest in writing coursework, Short of time, etc., our research team provides complete assistance to you with your academic writing.

What do we offer?

  • Extensive literature survey
  • Proofreading and examining your documents for grammatical errors.
  • Writing the review based on the outline and organizing content
  • A fully formatted document, including line spacing, heading style, font, and the author's guidelines.
  • Emphasizing main research question
  • Thesis Formation
  • Introduction
  • Ph.D. Module
  • Research Topic
  • Synopsis
  • Research Thesis
  • Articles Publication
  • Review of Literature (ROL)
  • Research Methodology
  • Data Collection
  • Lab Experiment
  • Analysis and interpretations
  • Meta-Analysis
  • Conclusion and Suggestions
  • Bibliography and Appendix
  • Explicit representation of the present status of the field
  • Base paper references
  • Identifying controversies in the literature
  • Formulating questions that need further research
  • Properly referenced document

At Compendious Med Works, our team of biostatisticians and data analysts assist you with the development of your meta-analysis through questionnaire design, sample size calculation, data analysis, and interpretation, as well as step-by-step assistance with your academic writing. As a general principle, we generate, analyze, summarize, and understand the best available evidence vital for establishing the safety interventions and benefits of the healthcare industry. While meta-analysis can serve as a potential and valuable tool for the evolution and advancement of the healthcare industry, several issues need to be resolved to achieve their full potential.

Our team follows a general guideline of meta-analysis

  • Selecting the best statistical model, including fixed or random effect statistical models
  • Statistical examination
  • Subgroup analyses
  • Additional analyses at separate costs
  • We assist in preparing the report, including the presentation of tables and figures and an overall summary.

Our clients are given full assistance at every stage of the process, and they are welcome to join us anytime.

What's more is that with our assistance, you can publish high-quality articles submitted by authors from distinct parts of the world and ensure that it reaches the majority of scholars and researchers in that field.