We act as intermediaries between the company and its affiliates. We work with a network of advertisers and publishers to benefit both companies and affiliates. We primarily manage the entire affiliation program for you, so you can devote your time to run your clinical operations effectively. You can rely on our effective strategies to have a widespread network of affiliates necessary for expanding your brand presence on different social media platforms.

  • Mobile strategy:

    If you incorporate a comprehensive marketing strategy for mobile, you can grab hold of several opportunities to grow your business and customers organically and extract maximum profits. The customers should be presented with information at the right time for better interaction. Our marketing experts plan, customize, and implement marketing strategies for mobile according to user behavior. Our mobile strategy includes the following location-based marketing services, including geo-targeted PPC and local search optimization, local media optimization, mobile app development and integration with your website, and an analysis of visitor data and mobile app monetization.

  • Email marketing:

    You can use various tools to create email newsletters and send them to your target audience. However, a good email marketing strategy is essential. Your business needs experts who know the pros and cons of implementing successful email strategies for getting the maximum ROI. Our email marketing strategies include custom design and up-gradation of emails and newsletters, personalized email for each recipient, content and creative assessment of your current emails and newsletters, embedded videos, recent blog posts, spam-free emails, regular customer response reports, and email id and account management.

  • Web analytics:
    We follow the following steps to help you extract the maximum profit from your website:
    • We perform a top-to-bottom audit of your website and online presence, your competition, and your goals to create a road map to help your business get the most from the internet.
    • We continuously evaluate the web for changes in technology, new marketing strategies in the market, followed by your customers, and the introduction of new products. We analyze your website and marketing campaigns and test and provide feedback on whether they meet the market requirements.
    • We install some assessment tools on your website, including Google Analytics, to ensure whether your marketing strategies are effective or ineffective.
    • We do a monthly analysis of your progress and track your website for the improvements made to the marketing strategies and whether they positively impact your business.
    • We monitor your website 24/7 for comprehensive web analysis and how to integrate with improving your website.

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