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How to find trending hashtags on Instagram

How to find trending hashtags on Instagram? Hashtags have developed from the old grouping discussions in first IRC chats, revolutionizing social media to commemorating historical events and raising awareness about social media issues since its invention in 2007. The most prominent impact hashtags usually have on Instagram, even though hashtags have been implemented all across social media, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. When it is about the use of hashtags, Instagram ranks on top. On Instagram, hashtags are a powerful tool for marketers and influencers alike. A brand can use this powerful tool in multiple ways.


On Instagram, hashtags increase the social media reach of your posts and make your content discoverable. They make your content visible to wider audiences by categorizing content, working almost like a search engine. It happens because Instagram uses hashtags to sort data. Hashtags, therefore, are one of the most effective ways to grow your Instagram profile. Thanks to the platform’s intelligent algorithm and hashtags, finding the right audience on Instagram also becomes more manageable. You can discover the people and influencers using trending hashtags related to your industry. The author has to use hashtags to make their Instagram content discoverable and searchable. The Instagram search engine also shows other popular hashtags.

Trending Instagram hashtags are vital in the field of digital marketing. For marketers, businesses, and personal brands, getting up means reaching out to a broader audience and potential customers. The Explore Page on Instagram is a recommendation engine that shows your trending content on the platform based on your Instagram history and the type of content you watch and follow. Getting to the Instagram Explore Page is a massive booster in reaching wider audiences and can be achieved by understanding and responding to the platform algorithm. One of the vital deciding factors that play a role in your content getting to the page is trending Instagram hashtags.

Trending Instagram hashtags are crucial to succeeding in Instagram marketing and expanding the audience. Since Instagram is also an effective marketing tool apart from being a photo-sharing social media platform, companies use it to increase their social media reach, acquire more customers, and influence purchasing decisions. Top trending Instagram hashtags are something you need to have under control to boost your Instagram marketing or get more followers.


The way brands have used and gained an idea of trending hashtags has proven Instagram marketing to be a successful tool for businesses. Here is a list of some effortless ways you can track and find the most trending hashtag on instagram today to your benefit :

  1. Organic Search: Hashtags are simply a way to aggregate and categorize content; therefore, organic search is the easiest and cheapest way to find trending Instagram hashtags. The Instagram search engine will display all the content available if you type in a hashtag and other related most used hashtags on Instagram today. Just type in your genre even if you have no idea of any hashtag and wonder what to type in.
  2. Social Listening Tools: For someone who can invest in a lot of time, doing an organic search is a great option. But in the case of a time-crunch, a marketer could simply opt for social listening tools. These tools track the top trending hashtags and keywords for you and do the job for you. Some of these tools are:
  3. Analyzing the competitors: It is always vital to look at what your competitors are doing to better your own business. You can find the hashtags and keywords that your competitors are using, similar to how you can search people on Instagram online to determine which hashtags mostly improve engagement. You will find out what your potential customers are talking about even though your purpose may not always be to compete on those tags. You could also discover and add completely new hashtags to your list.

Effectively using Instagram hashtags is a great way to develop a positive brand image and connect with customers. You can grow your audience significantly as well as rapidly on Instagram by finding and utilizing trending hashtags. This is how to find trending hashtags on Instagram 2020.