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IT services

We are a team of seasoned, graphic designers, content writers, social media, web and app developers, and video marketers who can take your organization to a higher level with our range of digital marketing services.

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We firmly believe that branding is more than your name and logo. And, hence our branding strategies center around connecting your message, purpose, and services to the patients who can greatly benefit from your brand.

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Recruitment services

We assist in the challenging and tedious task of recruitment processes of trained and qualified staff for healthcare companies, hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities, expanding your company's workforce.

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Healthcare consulting services

Having worked with several healthcare organizations, we provide insights and experts advice regarding your company decisions and strategies, directly impacting customers, patients, and other external stakeholders.

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Practice analytics

We analyze insights required in effective streamlining of operations, decision-making, reducing costs, and improving patient care, focusing on patient behavior, clinical data, and financial assets.

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Clinical research publications

From journal selection to the submission process, we can take care of it all. We ensure your research articles, journals, case reports, and studies, and letters to the editor are accurate in facts, plagiarism-free, checked for grammatical errors, and properly formatted.

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Compendious Med Works Services


We at Compendious Med Works, are a team of seasoned, graphic designers, content writers, social media, web and app development, email and video marketers who can take your organization to a higher level.

Web Design and Development with superior UX and UI

You can revamp your current website with our help and attract more visitors. A mediocre website can have a potential negative impact on your visitors and, eventually, your business, profit, and success. You need a website with a seamless User Experience and User Interface to turn your visitors into loyal customers. We provide a range of services to our clients, including Web Design and development, Mobile Device Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and SEO Audit. We design and develop websites that are search engine optimized and mobile-ready that can help you meet your business objectives and support your healthcare services.

We build websites for better user experience (UX) and a unique interface (UI). We follow strategic steps for optimizing your website for the users by starting with understanding your target audience and their needs, followed by extensive market research. Our team of website designers and content developers create a unique, interactive, and innovative website, eliminating all the unnecessary elements that are not required on a website that might distract the visitors. We build layouts that define a call to actions clearly for ensuring user engagement and attract more customers and eventually build brand loyalty.


Social Media Marketing and strategy

Facebook is the most used social media platform in the United States, with over 79% of online US adults using Facebook regularly. Facebook provides a unique opportunity for businesses to target audiences and reach potential customers. Your Facebook advertisements can appear directly in the news feed of your target audience. Facebook allows your target audience to interact with personalized ads differently than they would have had with a traditional advertisement.

We devise media plans that are not restricted to a single strategy but keep evolving with time and according to which strategy works best for our clients. We follow a holistic approach to social media strategies including keyword strategy, optimizing landing pages, and audience type. We design social media campaigns that can expand your market reach, grow your business, and engage your audience.

People are spending most of their time scrolling through the feed on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc. A social media strategy can be utilized to establish a real and personalized relationship with customers. It will eventually increase their preference for your brand. We, with our social media strategies, create a buzz about your service on social media. We follow the following strategic steps to help you promote your business on social media platforms:

  1. Researching your business and other associated industries to connect your business with your target audience, networks, and communities on social media platforms most related to your services.
  2. Developing content for your website that is not only appealing enough to engage online users but is also SEO friendly.
  3. Creating blog pages and community forums.
  4. Spreading brand awareness through audio and video streaming and podcasts.
  5. Integrating social bookmarking and tagging to your website that allows the users to easily share your business information with other users and thereby generating more customer reach.
  6. Performing regular social media audits to measure the activity rate, outcome, and overall performance of your social media campaigns.


Search Engine Optimization

We offer Search Engine Optimization services, including SEO Audit, Rank Tracking, Local SEO, International SEO, Press Release, Citation building and Search Engine Marketing, and Google Adwords. We conduct thorough keywords, and we only follow white hat SEO practices. We can help you achieve higher organic traffic and ranking, and increase visibility in search results.

  1. Organic Search
  2. Local SEO
  3. Paid Social: Paid social strategies require effective marketing strategies to generate new leads from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Youtube and increase brand awareness
  4. Paid Search: We design paid advertising campaigns that are effective and target the right audience. We help your business to develop campaigns that extract maximum results.


Content management and strategy

Our team works closely with a team of medical professionals who are on top of their fields. Our team of content designers and developers are familiar with scientific research data sites such as PubMed, WebMD, Psycom, etc. So we can provide technical writing services along with social media marketing. We were thus churning out research data while marketing products at the same time. No other digital marketing company is as versatile as we are. The content that goes on your website is not only crucial but also the foundation of SEO for your website. We write content with precision and generate new and relevant content for your blogs, websites, and social media platforms.


Video marketing

The average attention of a person on the internet is 10 sec and people receive plenty of information, that too rapidly through videos. Videos like educational, informative, pathfinders, marketing, and tutorials are the best way to get your audience engaged and attract potential customers. Our graphic designers and video editors work with various mediums such as whiteboard videos, explainer videos, online advertising, and many more. The art of Storytelling through videos has the power to engage your customers and take your business to the next level. When done right, video marketing is powerful and engaging.


Public Relations

We have an in-house communications team that can cater to consumer queries and negative publicity if any. Engage in conversation with potential customers and portray the business in a positive light. Our team plans and executes various campaigns online to increase awareness about the company and its products.

We provide everything from brand strategizing, website design development, mobile application development, social media management to advertising. Primarily working with physicians, our main objective is educating the people at the same time increasing the walk-in and patient flow. We lay the foundation for your brand through brand guidelines, logo creation, and color palette selection.


Pay Per Click Advertising

Our team of PPC specialists designs precise and data-driven campaigns that can reach your audience quickly. Our team conducts thorough research of your business so that the keyword selection for SEO purposes and your business ad will attract more traffic that is most relevant to your products and services your business has to offer. We also work on creating ad banners and the landing page associated with it. The landing page of a website should be highly engaging since it is the first page your visitors shall visit when they click on the ad banner. We also audit your current PPC ad campaigns to test their efficiencies and deciding, on strategies for improving the ad campaigns so as to gain maximum advantage.


Channel Management & Funnel Optimization

our effective marketing strategies remove any discrepancies between online campaigns and customer interaction. We help you to understand the relationship between keywords, target audience, ads, campaigns, and landing pages, so you know how our strategies work and generate more customers, and establish a competitive advantage for developing business.

We understand the importance of agile testing, account structure, and a deep understanding of channel expertise. We continuously follow strict demonstration of channel execution because we believe it can be a competitive advantage for all the brands. We strive to deliver results that are materially beneficial for your brand as well as your customers.


Affiliate marketing

We act as intermediaries between the company and affiliates. We work with a network of advertisers and publishers to benefit both companies and affiliates. We mostly manage the entire affiliation program for you, so you can devote your time to effectively run your clinical operations. You can rely on our effective strategies to have a widespread network of affiliates necessary for expanding your brand presence on different social media platforms.


Mobile strategy

If you incorporate a comprehensive marketing strategy for mobile, you can grab hold of several opportunities to organically grow your business, customers, and extract maximum profits. The customers should be presented with information at the right time for better interaction. Our marketing experts plan, customize, and implement marketing strategies for mobile according to user behavior. Our mobile strategy includes the following services location-based marketing, including geo-targeted PPC and local search optimization, local media optimization, mobile app development and integration with your website, and an analysis of visitor data, and mobile app monetization.

Email marketing

You can use various tools to create email newsletters and send them to your target audience. However, a good email marketing strategy is very important. Your business needs experts who know the pros and cons of implementing successful email strategies for getting the maximum ROI. Our email marketing strategies include custom design and up-gradation of emails and newsletters, personalized email for each recipient, content and creative assessment of your current emails and newsletters, embedded videos, and recent blog posts, spam-free emails, regular customer response reports, and email id and account management.

Web analytics

We follow the following steps to help you extract the maximum profit from your website:

  1. We perform a top-to-bottom audit of your website and online presence, your competition, and your goals to create a road map to help your business get the most from the internet.
  2. We continuously evaluate the web for changes in technology, new marketing strategies in the market, and that followed by your customers and the introduction of new products. We analyze your website and marketing campaigns and test and provide feedback on whether they meet the market requirements.
  3. We install some assessment tools on your website, including Google Analytics, to ensure whether your marketing strategies are effective or ineffective.
  4. We do a monthly analysis of your progress and track your website for the improvements made to the marketing strategies and whether they are having a positive impact on your business.
  5. We monitor your website 24/7 for comprehensive web analysis and how to integrate with improving your website.


Online Reputation Management (ORM)

We believe that your online reputation can make a huge difference in either making business success or failure. Your online reputation can even hurt your business if not maintained adequately and should be one of the most critical aspects of digital marketing.

ORM implies taking control of online communication, ensuring strategies that people can reach you online, and showcasing your best services. Online reputation management has become inevitable for businesses if they don't want to take a risk when it comes to establishing a reputation online.

Establishing a reputation is especially important for doctors, physicians, and other medical practitioners to draw new patients to their medical practice. Healthcare shopping, patient reviews, and analyzing the activities of patients across different social media platforms play a vital role in the online reputation management of the healthcare industry.

  1. Positive Reviews and authentic reviews: Our ORM services intend to assist doctors, physicians, and other medical practitioners in building credibility and rank higher in SERPS. Through our services, doctors can request for positive and authentic reviews from patients, along with sharing their experience online.
  2. Manage Negative Reviews: Our ORM strategy enables our team to quickly analyze and recognize any negative feedback or reviews on Google and other platforms and informs the healthcare professionals to reply and settle the matter promptly and effectively. It can further improve the possibilities of recovering and retaining unhappy patients to your practice.
  3. Patient-based Analytics: Another benefit you can gain from our ORM services includes a detailed analysis of patient reviews. In turn, it can improve your patient experience, bring new patients to your practice, retain existing patients, and promote your practice.
  4. Location-based analysis: Doctors and other medical practitioners, whether operating single-location or multi-location medical practices, can take advantage of search data trending locally, analyze patient satisfaction, and increase patient satisfaction. Our ORM service allows doctors to have useful insights increasing their chance of detecting scopes of improvement and advancement.

Conversion Rate Management

We incorporate Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) for maximizing the effectiveness of your website and turn visitors into loyal customers. Our CRO strategies include extensive research and audits.

Mobile Application Development

We strive to create a difference with our intuitive, engaging, and user-friendly next-gen mobile apps. We closely work with our clients and develop mobile applications across a wide array of technologies, including android, ios, IoT, games, wearables, and mixed reality. We focus on a design-led engineering approach. We continuously strive to deliver deep insights that help businesses understand and meet their customer needs and preferences. Our tech expertise includes Java, HTML5, MEAN stack, Cordova, AngularJs, Node Js, Javascript, PHP, and Amazon AW.

  1. IOS mobile app development
    We create high performance, feature-packed apps for delightful user experience. Our technically savvy team of iOS developers can program in native languages, including Swift or Objective-C. It can build cross-platform native applications using React Native (JavaScript) or Xamarin (C# & F#). Whether you are planning to develop a mobile app for consumer needs and enterprises, We will exceed your expectations (whatever they are).
    Among the operating systems for smartphone devices, Android is the fastest growing and has become popular with every update. Our team of android developers skilled with hybrid and native programming languages can develop versatile, user-friendly, engaging, and scalable mobile applications regardless of the category. Whether your mobile app developments range from simple to complex, we’ve got you covered.
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